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Why this Skills for Work Scholarship program?​

There is a clear recognition that skills, like a passport, can boost the upward mobility of the informal workforce, contributing to the employment of more women in the formal labor force. People need skills that would offer them decent work, entrepreneurship, stable income and remuneration, and social protection.

Furthermore, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown measures have impacted thousands of learners around Rwanda, leaving them with little or no option to continue their education. Thousands have lost their jobs and livelihoods and need reskilling to regain employment.

Recognizing the shortage of skilled workforce and the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on thousands of Rwandan people who have become unemployed, or are on the verge of losing their jobs, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), has launched the “Skills for Work” program as an immediate solution to these challenges.

RTN-COL Skills for Work Scholarship Program

Rwanda Telecentre Network invite eligible Rwandan citizens to apply for the Commonwealth of Learning-Skills for Work Scholarship. The aim of the scholarship is to close the skills gap for in-demand and high-demand jobs in commonwealth nations. RTN-COL aims to support the efforts of Member States to disseminate skills required for decent employment and entrepreneurship and pave the way for skilling, reskilling, upskilling, and lifelong learning.

RTN-COL will offer three types of scholarships under the Skills for Work Program:

1) RTN-COL-Grow with Google Skills for Work Scholarship

2) RTN-COL-Coursera Skills for Work Scholarship

3) RTN-COL-Udemy Skills for Work Scholarship


What are the eligibility criteria for Skills for Work scholarship?

Below are eligible criteria…

  • Those who are interested to gain new skills to enter the job markets
  • Those who are unemployed and wish to gain skills to start mini and micro-enterprises;
  • Women are encouraged to apply.
  • Persons with disability with basic ICT skills. Persons with disability will be prioritized while selecting candidates for the scholarship program.

What are some of the available courses?

The selected learners will have access to various courses until 30 September 2021  in the following categories: Business Analysis / Data Analytics, Business Skills, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing / Analytics, Health Care, Software Development, Project Management, Business English, Digital Literacy for All, Entrepreneurship, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Engineering, Google IT Automation with Python, Google IT Support, SAS Programmer Professional Certificate, SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate, Android App Developer, Business Analyst, Cloud Architect GCP, Cloud Computing Professional AWS, Digital Marketer, Game Developer, iOS App Developer, Java Programmer, Market Analyst, Python Programmer, SEO Analyst,Web Designer, Job Readiness, Job Search Self Care, Advanced Mfg, AI/ML/DS, Human Skills, Project Management, Software Development.

Find out more on and

Can registered learners on Skills for Work Scholarship be allowed more than one Scholarship?

No, The selection committee will allocate scholarships based on information provided and available scholarships. Note that a learner will be able to enroll for one scholarship type.

Do you need to pay any registration or / and course fee?

No. There is no cost to participate in the program. All courses accessible through both desktop and mobile app are provided free of cost thanks to the financial and technical assistance provided by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

How can you Join?

Fill out the application form that can be accessed here.

What are Scholarship rules?

  • Once you submit your application using the online application a selection committee comprising of officials of the Rwanda Telecentre Network will shortlist the eligible candidates who will be required to participate in an online screening process Shortlisted candidates will be provided with the details for online screening.
  • The selected learner has to respond to our email invitation to sign up for the designated e-learning portal   within 2 days of receiving;
  • The Selected learners will be required to complete at least 6 courses within 6 months.
  • The learner has to enroll in a course or two within a week of accepting the invitation;
  • The learner has to show enough progress with learning, say at least three hours of learning within the first two weeks of joining;
  • The learner has to complete at least one   course within 4 weeks of availing of the scholarship
  • Under RTN-COL- Grow with Google Scholarship, learners have to commit at least 10 hours per week.
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn if the learner is not able to demonstrate enough commitment and willingness to take advantage of the scholarship and will not be considered for COL scholarship in the future.
  • A helpdesk facility is available to help facilitate learning.

What are the benefit of the program?

All registered learners in the Skills for Work Scholarship  Programme will gain unlimited and free access courses  designed to skill and reskill citizens of Rwanda for livelihoods. Programme leads include highly reputed professors and mentors from well recognized universities and institutions around the world.

What is the deadline to join the program?

You can join the programme  and complete any of the courses by  15 th April 2021 to gain your certificate.

How have others profited from our online learning opportunities?

Check our success stories here:

How do learners get support?

A program facilitators will provide support with choosing courses and provide administrative and academic support, as well as mentorship and counselling.

How can you reach us?

Individuals can contact the helpdesk at or call at 0788514620.

Also, Institutions interested in participating in this programme to extend the scholarship to their students / learners can submit their expression of interest by email.

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