The company THINKBIG O.S. Ltd (THINK BIG ONLINE SERVICES Ltd) was founded in 2017 and constitutes a pioneering,
independent, private company of consulting services in the sectors of statistics, business, translation and interpreting,  education, regional development, agriculture, employment, innovation, environment, management and international collaborations.

THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is the first online consulting company in Rwanda that applied the
methodology of various statistical and mathematical computer systems in a client industry. THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is among the first Rwandan companies that used extensively the internet technologies. THINKBIG O.S.  created commercial internet node in Rwanda with the use of Microsoft technologies in 2017.

The company is operating online across Rwanda and with representations in Netherland, Portugal and England. THINKBIG O.S. Ltd has the size, know-how, technology and human resources to meet all the challenges providing total quality solutions to private and public establishments. The company ensures the quality of the provided services by using a quality system.

               Business Consultancy

Focused on SME’s, Enterprises in expansion phases and internationalization of their
operations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Education and Training Organizations,
THINKBIG O.S. Ltd offers quality services.


THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is constantly investing to improve its state-of-the-art knowledge
not only in the domains of its core expertise but also in advanced technological areas
that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing its service offering.

               Working for Tomorrow

THINKBIG O.S. Ltd Research and Development Department is starting to prepare different initiatives for the participation of different business partners.
THINKBIG O.S. Ltd offers a great experience and special know how to new
innovative research ideas.
THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is ready to discuss new opportunities for collaboration.
THINKBIG O.S. Ltd offers also its international network of clients/users from private
and public sector. The group works closely with SMEs, industries, academic institutions,
local authorities and governmental bodies.

             What we do

THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is a Company leading diversified services such as:

  1. Statistics and research consultancy: In statistics and research consultancy, we do Statistical analysis (Plan Research Strategies

    Find and Collect DataInterpret and Analyze Data, Write Research Reports, Verify Data,Present Research, Data management) by using statistical or mathematical analysis & modeling computer package: MS EXCEL, SPSS, STATA, R, LINDO, LINGO, MAPLE and MATLAB. We do a Research (quantitative & qualitative): Concerning statistics, every company is not necessary to have a statistician but is highly needed. You can collaborate with us for a small cost. We are convinced that many companies close their doors because they neglect the use of statistical (mathematical) analysis researches in their daily fife.

  2. Translation & interpretation services: we offer high translation and interpretation services in the following language combinations:
    • Kinyarwanda – English
    • Kinyarwanda – French;
    • French – English;
    • Swahili – French ;
    • Swahili – Kinyarwanda;
    • Swahili – English.
  3. Business advisory services: we help people to start and run their businesses by providing to them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based) business plans and pieces of advice. We assist them from the starting up until their business is at stability level.
  4. Primary and Secondary Online Teaching and Coaching services: by technology, today is not necessary to bring a private teacher at home to coach your children in different Subjects. We help your children in online classroom; to take a lesson, to form group works, to do individual works, assessments, quizzes and examinations all online. At our website, we have weekly tests or quizzes in different Subjects.

  5. Jobs and employees search panel (Joining employees and employers): on this panel employees who need job in a specific domain, contact us and we link them to employers who need employees. We Show businesses to sell and which need the cooperation. We give Latest job exams corrections.
  6. Made in Rwanda Online Selling and Buying: we link sellers to customers. We Sell Products and services online: To pay the online Products or services, you may use mobile money or online payment modalities. When you pay, we send to you the products by courier or any other method preferred to both parties etc.
  • Online Marketing of Made in Rwanda Products and Services: we also offer Online Expo of Made in Rwanda products. The exhibition is arranged in the following categories:  Manufacturing, Maintenance, Computer science, Sewing, modeling, etc…

                  Strategy & Vision

Vision statement
The growth and the operation of the company are found in the basic corporate
principle: quality, effectiveness and adaptability to the needs of market and
technological evolutions”.

Mission statement

Our Mission is to be the most successful consulting company in East Africa, abiding by our
principles that consist of the Knowledge, the Effectiveness, the Reliability and the
Integrity. Knowledge for us means: application of most modern technology for the
development of pioneering services, optimal quality and capability of flexible adaptation
and development of each need of customer.
The Effectiveness accompanies each project that we undertake, with the
realization of the objectives of our customer.
The Reliability and the Integrity constitute the main axes of our business
The maximization of the value and the performance of our customers and our continuous improvement constitute the core of our philosophy, ensuring the constant ascending course of the company at National and Regional level.
The optimized quality of our provided services, their continuous monitoring and follow up, the faculty of comprehension of the requirements and the needs of our customers,
the specialization and the know-how of our staff and the constant expansion of our
activities abroad serve us and strengthen our mission and our vision.
We are among the leaders in the sector of consulting.
We support our customers in the realization of their objectives, contributing in
their constant development.
We aim to our continuous development.

Our core values are summarized in IREBE: Idea from thinking big, Reward from hard work, Expansion from never give up, Busy from having a great deal, and Early from moving fast.

Since the foundation of our company in 2017, our aim was to build an organization with
a clear view and strategy that will constantly look ahead and keep operating at the
forefront of technology developments and to be an innovative, knowledge-based
company. Our vision of knowledge and innovation is people-oriented, as the
protagonists are the people who research, and innovate to create solutions.

Business goals & objectives


Looking at the future, we are highly confident that THINKBIG O.S. Ltd has the
strong background and the appropriate vision but also the flexibility that will allow it to
continue its development and face the challenges of the new era. Participating in an
international environment, mainly characterized by market globalization and intensive
competitiveness, THINKBIG O.S. Ltd is paving its own path with a clear strategy for
the future.

Growth strategy
The utilization of accumulated expertise, know-how and the dynamics of its partnerships, will allow the company to positively respond to the challenges of our times and provide expert, state of the art solutions that lead straight to the point of its customer needs.

Business competitiveness
THINKBIG O.S.  adapts its provided services to the requirements of the customer, aiming at the more efficient collaboration and in observance to the environment, the requirements and the structures of the customer:
– Dedication to the customer
– Flexibility for the ideal satisfaction of needs
– Specialized personnel
– Possibility of operation in international and multinational environment
– Adaptability to the operation processes of the customer
-Flexibility in the mode of delivery
– Big experience in work of research and technology
PROCESSES in order to successfully complete each work undertaken.

Quality policy
The Company ensures the quality of the provided services applying an integrated system
of quality certified by national and international and implements the undertaken projects with modern
administration methods.

Management & Human Resources

The managers of THINKBIG O.S. Ltd are their founders. They have enough expertise, experience and skills to manage the company. They are extremely professional and motivated.

The personnel of THINKBIG O.S. Ltd are constituted by high quality technocrats with significant professional experience. The company has permanent staff of over 6 persons and a large number of external collaborators all specialized in different fields namely statistics and research, applied mathematics, translation and interpretation, communication, accounting, environment, electricity, health, technology, literature and linguistics, electronics and telecommunication and agribusiness. The company collaborates with exclusive external collaborators, scientists that have knowledge and experience in their subject of specialization. Most of the external advisers collaborate with the company on a permanent base and other are called in specific cases for the undertaking of implementation of special projects. All the professional executives of THINKBIG O.S. Ltd have at least a university degree and enough have completed post-university studies and have a Doctorate. The working languages of THINKBIG O.S. Ltd are Kinyarwanda, English, French and Kiswahili.

                                       “In our own way, it’s possible!”

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