The services of teaching and coaching are:

P-Level (in Mathematics, Social study, Kinyarwanda, English, SET)

O-Level (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Geography)

A-level (Mathematics, Physics (theory and Practice), bio (theory and Practice, chemistry(theory and Practice), Geography(Human and Physical)

Online lesson coaching 

We give a coaching in:

P-level science lessons, questions and answers

O-level science lessons, questions and answers

A-level science lessons, questions and answers

Method used to coach

It is not necessary to bring a teacher to coach your children at home; now technology (internet, Phones, social media or online class) is used.  We create an online classroom, group Watsapp or face book group and follow the course, ask questions and receive answers from the audiences or from teachers

How We Do

•The learners take the lesson, guidance online

•They are allowed to use our online notes or books for free

•They ask questions online and get the answers

The Online Test

We give:

•The test concerns the different courses

•They take the evaluation online and be given the correction and marks

•The online test to students (or schools)

•The online test can be corrected automatically by web application or correct by trainers

Past National exams correction

We have latest national examination corrections:


•O-level (Math’s, Physics, Bio, Chem., Geo,..)

•A-level (Math’s, Physics (theory and Practice), bio (theory and Practice, chem.(theory and Practice., geo, …))


Concerning the national examination corrections, notes, coaching and an online test, we have collaborated with the teachers from the excellent schools in Rwanda.


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