Interpretation and Translation Services

Making business connections across borders requires sharp strategies, but before that comes a bigger challenge, the barrier of language. Considering that a fairly big company expands through multiple territories during its life cycle, multi-lingual adaptability is a constant requirement.

Interpretation and translation

It is easy for businesses to cross borders and enter foreign markets by bringing to them a plethora of quality interpretation and translation services to help them communicate in meetings, conferences, seminar, events, presentations, interviews and such.

Our Interpreting Service

The translation and interpretation is : Kinyarwanda into English vice versa; Kinyarwanda into French vice versa; Swahili into Kinyarwanda vice versa; Swahili into English vice versa; French into English vice versa’ Swahili into French vice versa.

We are interpretation and translation company  that offers a wide variety of interpreting services for our clients. We have for you, three different kinds of interpreting services, namely:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

: Our first service is simultaneous interpreting service which is also the very backbone of this job. Simultaneous interpreting is where interpreters translate the words of the speaker as and when spoken. The interpreters work from a soundproof booth not far from the physical location of the speaker, which is wired with an audio system that streams in the speakers’ voice directly. We offer this service for large events, conferences, congresses and such where immediate interpretation is required to communicate with the audiences in real time.

  • Consecutive Interpreting

: Our second service, consecutive interpreting is often sought for events where latency between speaking and translating is not an issue, more precisely when for short speeches, negotiations and such. Our interpretation and translation services providers remain present during the event to record the entire speech. Once everything is spoken, our interpreters read out the translated version of the same.

  • Escort Interpreting

: Lastly, our escort interpreting service is hired mostly by professionals on business trips. Our interpreters accompany them to their meetings and conferences. One great advantage of hiring our escort interpreters is that they behave as assistants outside conferences helping them travel through places at maximum ease.

What Makes Us Our Client’s Favorite?

There are a couple of things that many of our clients have mentioned to be the reasons why they come back to our technical translation company every time they need interpreting service. Here is us sharing those that we believe are the reasons behind our successful client retention, with you:

  • We offer professional and top-rated services only, through team of well-coordinated and experienced interpreters.
  • One of our greatest strengths is our competitive pricing that is hard to find a match
  • Consistent quality has been our constant focus
  • Accurate results every time is what we aim to deliver to make sure that our clients have nothing short of what they expected of us.
  • A 24/7 customer service to answer all your questions and solve all your service-related problems in a heartbeat.
  • Fast quotes and reservations, we do them both online and over the phone.
  • We offer multi-lingual interpreting service through teams of talented interpreters who are conversant in at least 2 languages.
  • Constant availability of event and conference interpreters makes us a go-to for all short and long term requirements.


For translation:

– Non-commercial  – £10 (10000 Rwf) per page 
– Commercial  – £15(15000 Rwf) per page

For interpretation:

– Non-commercial  – £10 (10000 Rwf) per hour 
– Commercial  – £20 (20000 Rwf) per hour

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