Job description

• To educate patients individually or groups for behavior change;
• To educate patients and their close relatives on the management of the patient’s condition and its consequences;
• To educate patients individually or groups for behavior change
• To identify psychosocial cases and work with them to find adequate solution for their problem;
• To manage all departmental supplies and equipment
• To organize and coordinate the international Patients’ day;
• To organize and manage packages of support to enable patients to lead the fullest lives possible
• To organize the social reintegration of abandoned and invalid patient (Home visit);
• To serve as liaison between patients, healthcare providers and sponsors;
• To perform other related duties as required

Minimum Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma in Social Work

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • Advanced Diploma in Sociology

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • Advanced diploma in Social Studies

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • A2 In Social Work

    0 Year of relevant experience

Competency and Key Technical Skills

  • Integrity

  • Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.

  • Inclusiveness

  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Client/citizen focus

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment to continuous learning

  • Ability to engage in or analyze engineering feasibility studies and detailed engineering design process

  • Resource management skills

  • Decision making skills

  • Time management skills

  • Risk management skills

  • Results oriented

  • Digital literacy skills

  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French. Knowledge of all is an added advantage

  • Knowledge of clinical services Policy and procedure

  • Analytical and problem solving skills

  • Knowledge of Rwanda Health System

  • Creativity and initiative skills

  • Excellent Communication, Organizational, and Interpersonal Skills

  • ADVOCACY for individual client skills

  • Knowledge and understanding of human relationship

  • Social orientation skills

  • ability to engage and communicate with diverse population and group of all sizes

  • Integrity skills

  • Cooperation skills

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